My Portfolio

All My Lovely Creatures are one of a kind (OOAK) hand made and not repeatble. Every with its own personality and unique characteristics. You will not find another the same anywhere. And this is what makes them so precious. You know - it is one and only, and there no other same!

Teddy Flowers are my signature creations.

They are... flowers, vegies, fuits... They are very magical creatures for sure.

Take a peak and you will find yourself starring at them not able to your eyes of them as they are so cute.

My Lovely Fairies

Who has ever seen a fairy? A real one?

But definitely all of us were dreaming to catch a tooth fairy with the corner of an eye, just for very short moment to see...

For sure Teddy has many friends among humans and creatures.

... and here are some of them... cute, frindly creatures living in cozy homes around the globe or still looking for new home...

My Lovely Teddies are definitely the most want wanted ones!

Just take a look and you'll see! Aren't they so cute?

My Teddy is going to a new home

It is always very emotional moment when one of my lovely friends is leaving to a new home.

The best I can do is to pack them with the warmest wishes to their journey.